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SOLD OUT- FLUFFIEST Light Caramel Dried Pampas Grass (Medium height)


 *Brand New*
This is the first time we have managed to get our hands on this pampas and it's the fluffiest of the shorter stems that we've had. Only 3-5 Stems needed for an ultra fluffy affect!


Please note- As this is a natural product each stem varies in fluffyiness. If you place them in the sun they open up and fluff up even more! It's normal for this pampas to have some splitting at the end (see pic), it will not affect the look of your pampas. Please do not try and split it further due to it being natural they are naturally delicate.

 Approx 65cms in height.


These are more suited to a shorter vase.

This grass is very hard to get hold of at the moment so we are super limited on stock. Once it is gone we do not expect to get anymore for weeks or months

Dried flowers are so on trend right now, why not add some of these everlasting beauties to your home. These are perfect for home floral arrangements either on their own or combined with other dried flowers.

As this is a natural product, each bunch is unique and may vary slightly from the image shown.

Bunch: either 3 or 5 stems
Height: Approx 60-65cm

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