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Wellbeing - Recipes And Rituals Book


From tips on meditation and yoga to delicious all-natural recipes, the Well Being: Recipes and Rituals to Realign the Body & Mind Book will take you through what helps you live and function well. With over 200 recipes and 60 rituals, this book is divided into time-specific sections, taking you through the day from morning to evening, with each section offering harmonising practices and recipes for specific feelings, moods and situations. Recipes include Date, Almond & Orange Blossom Bircher, Cassava Bagels and White Bean Carbonara as well as pantry staples such as Almond Cashew Mayonnaise, Kombucha and Sauerkraut and Coconut Oil Candles and Calming Essential Oil Atmosphere Spray for your home.

Size: H 26.9cm x W 21cm x D 3.3cm
Material: Hardback
Author: Danielle Copperman

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