Making your own dried flower arrangement

At Homewood & Rose we are fully fledged dried flower lovers. In fact, we love all flowers however the huge bonus with dried flowers is the longevity of them as they last for many years. There is nothing more disappointing than when you purchase a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers and the only last a matter of days.

Dried flowers are so on trend right now, these everlasting beauties are perfect to add to your home or for weddings.

Here, at Homewood and Rose we sell both ready made dried flower bouquets which are created by us or you can easily make your own.

To make your own we recommend purchasing 3-5 bunches from our store using complimentary colours and combining them together.

Depending on the chosen flowers with 3-5 bunches in most cases you can create one very full arrangement or a couple of smaller ones.

- Check the heights are similar before purchasing as some flowers are 30cm and others can be 60cm.
- Make the arrangement in your hand first and then cut down the stems gradually to suit your chosen vase.
- Combine different textures to add interest. We love adding flowers like 'Bunny tails/Lagurus' and 'Setaria' to most arrangements as it creates a soft fluffy affect. 
- Make sure to have a filler flower to pack out the arranagement such as 'Dried Oats' or 'Broom Bloom'
 Most of all, have fun! There is no right or wrong when it comes to dried flowers so express your creativity and put together what you love!

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